A Brief Introduction

Women of North Africa is an online magazine by, and for, North African women. It was created with the goal of creating a space specifically for North African women, enabling us to create our own online community.

For a long time now, North Africa has often been a footnote. It is looped in with the rest of the Middle East and Egypt in an attempt to create a sense of homogeneity and a single story. This often results in leaving a lack of space for the rest of the region. Politically speaking, this sense of “Pan-Arabism” has often led to the silencing of minorities, especially ethnic and religious – but this problem also extends to women. North Africa has its own distinct identity to that of the Middle East, and so do its women.

WoNA exists because North African women have often been ignored. WoNA exists because we deserve our own space. WoNA exists because North African women – regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, political views, what have you – must come together and start a discussion.

WoNA is a platform created, not for giving women their voices – we’ve never lacked in that department – but to act as a microphone, an amplifier, to place the spotlight right on the issues that matter to us, to prioritize our own lives.

We will no longer be relegated, nor will we be dismissed.